Goose Island Waitrose Festival

Designed, crafted and installed a bespoke bar for Goose Island Brewery.

Goose Island Waitrose Festival


August 2017


Elastic Producitions

Fort Productions designed and built a temporary event bar for Goose Island Brewery for the Waitrose Food & Drink Festival in the summer of 2017.

Having delivered projects for Goose Island on numerous occasion with Elastic Productions, we have a great understanding of the brand’s ethos and styling.

We set out to design a backbar which was visually striking and was true to the brand’s guidelines and positioning. Using quality reclaimed hardwoods, we created a mural of wood which incorporated product display and brand messaging with a natural aesthetic. The various shades, textures, depths and thicknesses of the wood added to its visual quality, creating a unique and beautifully crafted home to the Goose Island product whilst enhancing the brand’s presence at the festival.

The result was a functional and visually beautiful installation which created a memorable Goose Island brand experience for the Waitrose Festival visitors.

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